2nd order diatoms

The 2nd order diatoms is interactive installation collaborated with Shintaro Miyazaki, and Michael Chinen

The 2nd Order Diatoms senses the rhythm of mobile electronic gadgets, which used in daily life. The electromagnetic waves produced by the little machines get converted to sound and light. 2nd Order Diatoms is also a laser-installation, which creates circular patterns similar to some sort of diatoms, which are one of the oldest life forms of our earth. As artists we ask ourself: “How could LIFE FORM be synthesized?” Our answer: In the ancient ocean life form has began. In the ancient ocean there were many rhythms and frequencies, such as the waves of the ocean, vulcano’s furies and never ending thunders. They mixed each other and maybe effected to the forming of a new life form. We use the frequencies and rhythms of mobile phones to try to form new life forms. We call them “2nd Order Diatoms”.