Bipolar is a sofa with a build-in vibrator matrix. This vibrator matrix is driven by real time status data of radiation from its local environment and represents it as spatially distributed haptic vibrations. Hence the stronger the local radioactivity the more active will be the vibrations. This project aims to make people aware, fear against radiation and at the same time feel relaxed by spatial haptic groove.

If people listens to music, they believe that they hear it by their ears. But the truth is a little bit different. People listen as well by their body via spatially distributed vibration. Listening to an orchestra in a concert hall or in a night club are examples for this. What happens if only the spatial vibration is represented? This was our fundamental idea.
Furthermore, music is composed mostly with a timeline, in other word, a sequence. We wanted to make such a sequence focused on vibration (haptic impulses) which is based on real time local radio activity. We have a high interest in radiation with-in our ordinary environment. But usually such radiations are not sensible. We wanted to measure such activity of radiation then turn it into a haptic sequence (massage) in an usual piece of furniture to make people aware about invisible entities in ordinary life. With translating radiation to a massage, audience can feel relax and fear against radiation in same time.

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