Crystal study

Crystal study

Crystal Study is installation which turns non-perceivable process of crystallisation in artistic light installation.

The earth is developed/changed in decade. It is even still developing in every minutes, every second. We can say it is crystallisation.
But for human being it is difficult to sense the phenomena such a global warming in real time. Because it is too long time scale and too small change.
From long ago human tried to observe such intangible environmental phenomena.
For example Stormglass(aka FitzRoy glass) Which developed in 19th century for weather forecast. This device is react with chronological change from temperature, atmospheric electro magnet noise (ref.1), etc which changing in long time scale that human can’t observe or feel clearly.

In this project translate crystallisation process in Stromglass to human perceivable phenomenon in aesthetic way with help with modern technology.

A glass tube filled with special liquid which react with temperature, electronic magnetic field, etc. This reaction happened also in molecular level, therefore such reaction is impossible for human eye to observe. But with special character of laser light makes this process seeable. Namely various light scattering, absorption, etc represents as a light pattern. Such phenomena is applied also in scientific analytic method as known as spectroscopy.

ref.1 Sferics Die Entdeckung der Wetterstrahlung, Hans Baumer, 1987 Rowohlt

RGB Laser, Stormglass, heater, microcontroller, temperature sensor, PC.

detailed documentation as PDF

test driving at studio

test driving at studio

research : visualizing 23 years historical temperature records from Wendelsteinresearch : visualizing 23 years historical temperature records from Wendelstein

research : ingredient of stormglassresearch : ingredient of stormglass

research : crafting glass tuberesearch : crafting glass tube

Crystal study – Wendelstein

Crystal Study was shown in natural cave in Wendelstein Germany. Within event “Wendelstein Höhlenmediale 2015” held by Wendelsteinbahn

Crystal study in WendelsteinCrystal study in Wendelstein : frontCrystal study in Wendelstein : view from down