Sound Cape

exhibition video/edit by Sylvia Steinhäuser

Sound Cape is interactive sound textile installation which consists from two parts.Collaboration between Akitoshi Honda and Kyoka.

‘Sound cape I’ is the dress made by a square fabric. Considering about modern processing technique of clothes where occurs many wastes of fabric by cutting and sawing. The ‘Sound Cape I’ produces no wastes with its spe- cial process. It made by a square fabric without any cutting and sawing. Despite this simple process of ‘Sound cape I’, it is aesthetically created. Each points which shows human body more beautiful is well calculated. Therefore it surprisingly leaves symmetric creases, not random like as wraparound, on its material. Then each dress can exhibit the unique units and images of each printing and fabric.
‘Sound cape II’ is a small model of ‘sound cape I’ which is focused on the instruction of ‘sound cape I’ which make sounds from instruction of ‘sound cape I’. Sound and fabric are similar. In a silent, sound forms flat line as a sound wave. Fabric has also a flat form. If the sound occurs, then the flatlines turn into wave form and if a fabric folded, then it become into solid form. Music is made of the overlapping sounds. ‘Sound Cape I’ is also made of the overlapping fabrics. With this analogy sounds are used in ‘Sound CapeII’. User will hear different sound’s components when he makes sound cape from the square cloth along instruction. As the square fabric forms into the completed ‘sound cape I’, the sound could also build the most complicated and beautiful three dimensional pattern.

‘Sound cape I’ is made from two of single square fabrics. Therefore a small paper model could be made. The folding pattern was well calculated on purpose to showing human body more beautiful. For that several width and folding places are especially focused and emphasized. Avoiding to sew fabric in ‘Sound Cape I’, small spe- cial pins are used and no big damage would be made on the fabric. Therefore it is so easy to detach, put back into, and recover as the square fabric.

sound cape IIphoto by Sylvia Steinhuser, Akitoshi Honda

‘Sound cape II’ is a square fabric which connect to hardware synthesizer. Conductive snaps are integrated with pins of ‘Sound Cape I’ as same point of them was taken. These conductive snaps are acting as switches which connected to capacitors and resisters on the hardware synthesizer. With them, the sound and sound patterns can be modulated.

This project was supported by Ohnrenhoch